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Kauda the Cannibal
      During one of his mission to enlighten people, Guru Nanak Dev Ji traveled a great distance to the wilderness of Assam with his companions, Bala and Mardana. Mardana was very hungry and tired, so they sat under a tree. After sometime, Mardana went to get something to eat. On his way he met Kauda, the cannibal. Kauda took Mardana by surprise and bounded his hand and foot by a rope and then carried him to the spot where he had kept a big pan full of oil for frying the flesh of his victims. Kauda started to lighten fire under the pan. When Mardana saw Kauda preparing to butcher him, he was very frightened and prayed to Guru Ji to come to his rescue. The all-knowing Guru realized what was happening to Mardana. He started walking towards Kauda’s place in order to rescue Mardana.

Kauda the Cannibal

      Kauda was trying to light the fire when Guru ji appeared. Kauda was completely bewildered. He went towards the Guru and tied him as well. He lit the fire and within minutes the oil was burning hot. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that he wants be the first one to be fried. Kauda was astonished and surprise. He had never seen anyone like Guru Nanak before. Kauda carried on his routine and lifted Guru Ji to be put him in the big pan.

When the Guru’s feet touched the hot oil, it became cold as ice. Kauda then knew that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was not an ordinary person. Guru Ji looked at Kauda with compassion and graciously and said, "Kauda! You do not realize what you are doing. Would you cast yourself in the burning fire of hell?" Kauda, whose conscience was dead with heinous crimes, suddenly came to realization and was overwhelmed with repentance. The very gracious and holy sight of the divine Guru made him realize his guilt and he fell at Guru’s feet and begged for mercy. The gracious Guru blessed him with Naam, the meditation on the Name of God. Kauda changed entirely and thereafter lived as a devout disciple of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He became an honest person and a devotee of God.

Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
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